Peter David Hymas

Grange Court
Northamptonshire, NN6 9NN

Main Highlights of the Year 2001

1. Purchased a "state of the art" computer with e-mail and internet access. Had one to one lessons at home to get up to speed.
2. Trips abroad to Egypt/Jordan (January), Portugal (March), USA and Mexico (May/June), USA (August/September), Egypt (October) and stays in London West End, Dunster, Yeovil, Masham and Scottish Borders.
3. Significantly reduced community activities in Brixworth, now only involved in village newspaper and delivery of "meals on wheels".
4. Stayed with ex Lucas CAV colleagues - Luiz Gorgueira in Lisbon and Edilberto Gonzalez in Saltillo, Mexico. Had lunch in Northampton with Jin Pyo Hong (Lucas CAV Korea) and family. Attended 3 Lucas CAV retired employee organizations and had lunch in the USA with a number of ex Lucas Industries Inc. colleagues. Met a school friend, Patrick Tolfree, last time seen over 50 years ago.

5. Visited regularly Hilda Spurr (now 84) in Winchester, frail but still well. In constant touch with Jasmine Hymas (sister) in Yeovil, Somerset.

6. Attended nephew's wedding (Mark & Cathy) in Todmorden, West Yorkshire and brother in law's 60th birthday lunch (Atholl) at Norton Conyers, Ripon, North Yorkshire. Niece and great nephew (Stephanie & Silas) from Vancouver Island, Canada, stayed for 10 days in July.

7. Returned from USA on September 7th just prior to the September 11th terrorist attack. Shared with USA friends their reation to this terrible event.

8. Finally, both well and active with much to be thankful for, having now been retired for nearly nine years.