1. Names of children will not be posted without parental consent. Only one parent's approval is necessary, but the other may veto it. In more complicated domestic situations (e.g. the parents split up, and the custodial parent has a partner who acts in loco parentis - as determined solely by me) then the "third parent" also has permission and veto power. With consent, children can be given their own row in the family-tree database, together with a link to their own page on this site. A "child" is defined as someone who has not yet attained the age of 18 years.

2. I reserve the right to edit anything in any way I see fit. This will apply to postings of questionable taste, those that endeavor to keep feuds going ... anything, in fact, I don't like. If you don't like my editing style ... run your own site!

3.There is currently a lot of space available in the hosting package I've purchased, but too many graphics will chew it up in a hurry. Don't be surprised or hurt if I ask you to cull some of your material. NOTE: Those who are not familiar with computer storage issues should be aware that there is virtually no restriction on prose: it is graphics and photographs that can become problems. This entire page, for instance, takes up about 1/15 the storage space of a single "OK" photograph, and perhaps 1/150 of a "good" one.

4. PASSWORDS: There are currently no passwords to this site, as I do not feel they are necessary. If you disagree, let me know. If there is enough support for the idea, I am willing to add rudimentary password protection to the site as a whole; if you wish I am willing to administer password protection for individual pages. NOTE: The style of password protection I have in mind is elementary! It cannot protect top secret information! It will just keep the amateurs out, while professionals can infiltrate this style of protection.

5. Family and personal news and pages should be restricted to one's immediate family, and one's personal activities. Let's maintain some privacy! I can think of only two exceptions to this rule: Obituaries and visits. It is OK to say "We visited James in Toronto", but not "James told us all his hopes and aspirations, namely..."

6. If anyone does not wish to be listed in the family tree, or doesn't mind in general but does not want some particular information (e.g. birthdate, mailing address, whatever) to be published here, they may just let me know and these wishes will be accomodated, by listing them as "anonymous" in the former case and leaving the table entries blank in the latter.

7. These policies may be revised at any time. I appreciate feedback, suggestions and criticism. eMail me!